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I warned you that there’d be more.

The Imperial Condesce - |x|
Dualscar - |x|


 More Condesce and her amazing socializing skills being put too the test. 
I wasn’t so sure about the second image. BUT i guess it does give a kind off quite a good atmosphere in regards too her being bat shit crazy. 

I loved wearing this cosplay a bit too much. Maybe it was the hair that did it for me. So…pillow like. And the occasional look when people would see i had insanely purplish colour eyes was quite fun. 
If i recall correctly, i got asked if i was dressed up as ‘the devil’ by the hilton hotel staff and one guy offered his tissue while i was -attempting- to eat a subway, until i turned around and he got the shock of his life. NON the less i loved cosplaying her and doing so with so many friends!

Aaah! This was so much fun! Your eyes were damn terrifying.

(I am a giant)

So I guess I’d better do a Dad post at last!

Thanks to Foxy for taking such amazing photos and to felixize for letting me do that to her.

And please check out Nert’s Awesome Videos too!

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Silly instagram photos from last weekend, because I figured since some people were uploading them I should too! I didn’t manage to catch everyone on my phone but I’m gonna list the whole group anyway ;3;

Karkat | Aradia | Tavros | Sollux | Nepeta | Kanaya | Terezi | Vriska | Equius | Gamzee | Eridan | Feferi